Gotta Dance At The Jersey Shore

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Jersey Shore Ballroom Dance Club is a local dance club, which is run by and 
for Ballroom Dancers.  JSBDC is a non-profit organization established in 
1998.  It was formed for the purpose of promoting the good will of the public 
toward ballroom dancing; to foster a spirit of loyalty, friendship and 
cooperation between members; to provide local ballroom enthusiasts a place to 
dance, practice and further the art.

FEATURES:  dancing to the rhythms of smooth, Latin, swing & disco

BENEFITS:  an excellent way to meet new people, learn, dance and practice  
           with other ballroom dance enthusiasts

PEOPLE:  JSBDC is a local club created and run by local ballroom dancers for 
         the express purpose of providing a safe, clean and smoke free 
         environment for ballroom dancers at the Jersey Shore

OPEN DOOR POLICY:  ALL dancers are welcome.  The JSBDC is open to members and 
                   non-members alike.  We encourage new dancers to  join the 
                   fun!  Lessons are offered at the beginning of each club 

REASONS TO JOIN US:  social dancing is a lifelong activity that contributes 
                     to the physical, mental, and social well-being of an 
                     individual and couple.  Social dancing should be 
                     preserved for current and future generations and 
                     introduced to today's youth as an alternative form of 
                     social interaction

OPPORTUNITIES TO:  help promote and preserve social dancing in the Jersey
                   Shore area

                   meet new and exciting friends, and share ideas and 
                   information about upcoming dance events and instructional

                   participate in years of dancing enjoyment

CLUB DANCES:  dances are held monthly @ 
              Clancy's By the Bay

              Pam:    609 398-8170

DIRECTIONS:  Check out the DIRECTIONS page

MEMBERSHIP:  Membership dues:
             $25.00 singles or $40.00 family (same household couples) 
             per calendar year
             You can pick up a membership form at one of the dances OR
             send:  name, address, phone, email, birthday/anniversary & 
             payment to:     
                       Pam Trevarthen
                       209 28th Street
                       Ocean City, NJ     08226

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