*Fifty students participated and had their essays displayed at our annual Veterans Day Program. 

*Eighteen students won prizes and gift cards.

*Three teachers won Bonefish Grill gift cards.



We are looking for ideas on how O.B. Gates students can support our current and former military members during the 2013-14 school year.  Please send any suggestions to!!





A few 'Gates Supports Our Troops' shirts are available for sale (see contact info below):
YOUTH:    Red short sleeve, size S

                              Blue short sleeve, size M

                                   ADULT:         Red short sleeve, size M

                                                Blue short sleeve, size XL

                                                                                     Red ladies tee, size M






Spread the word about the Military Appreciation Committee and our upcoming events!  We want to make sure our Committee can support and assist our military families and Veterans in any possible way! 

If you know of another military family that has a child at Gates, please let us know!

Contact Briley Laurent at for more information, or if you are interested in helping!!
You can do as little or as much as you'd like!


Committee Objective



To create awareness and appreciation for the military members and their families serving the United States of America. The committee seeks to foster a sense of patriotism not only within the school, but also show support for local military personnel and veterans.



Invited OB Gates families to attend Veterans Day dinners to honor our veterans and their families

Collected & donated over 2000 items to the Richmond VA Hospital

Hosted Veterans Day Essay Contests to help our students understand who veterans are and how they have contributed to our society



  What We Can DO 


*      Invite local service members, distinguished military alumni, and veteran teachers to speak at our school and/or participate in school events.

*      Send notes and cards to hospitalized veterans or those living in veteran homes.

*      Create a large poster signed by all students – send to Richmond Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital and/or Richmond Fisher House (where families of wounded troops can stay while the service member is recovering).

*      Participate in after-school, PTA-sponsored field trips to military points of interest, memorials, & museums.

*      School principal or other school official can invite audience to stand and join in Pledge of Allegiance and/or National Anthem during May (to recognize Memorial Day) and during November (to recognize Veterans Day).  

*      Offer to help O.B. Gates families with a deployed service member (transportation, babysitting, & making meals) on an as needed and voluntary basis.

*      Send cards and letters of appreciation to deployed troops.

*      Volunteer or visit your local VA Hospital to honor veterans from past conflicts.










How Educators Can Offer Support


*                        Become aware of students with a parent serving in the military.

*                        Let kids know they can speak individually with a teacher, school counselor, or nurse about their questions and concerns.

*                        Allow for expression of feelings and emotions.

*                        If student is distressed about the family homecoming, find appropriate time for them to share feelings, needs, excitements, fears, hopes, and wishes (or direct them to someone who can help).

*                      Regardless of your own political beliefs, refrain from expressing personal opinions.

*         Maintain routines and structure but allow for flexibility.

*         Let student know you care and are thinking about them.

*         Assign students a buddy who can support him/her.

*         Listen to kids. Pay attention to their fears; respect their wish to not talk until ready.

*         Expect and respond to any significant changes in behavior.

*         Coordinate and communicate effectively between school and home.








For more information, please fill out the following form and return it to your child's teacher.

Click here





 Helpful Resources
















Department of Defense Military Student:
Military Child Education Coalition:
Military Child Initiative Johns Hopkins University:
Military Family Research Institute:
Military One Source:
National Military Family Association:
Operation: Military Kids:





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Recommended Reading for Adults and Educators


*Educators Guide to the Military Child During Deployment. U. S. Department of Education.