Region Judges Area

Here are some pages that are  helpful for judges:
(Use this link for Region Competitions only)

For the Texas State Competition, please refer to
the  State Judges Area.

What to expect at Judges Training:

Some Regions include a specific GT presentation that qualifies educators for GT credit hours.
The General Training starts for all judges. It includes a general presentation of the judge roles and the different problems area:

Primary Problem, no scoring
Problem 1 - vehicle
Problem 2 - technical
Problem 3 - Classics
Problem 4 - Balsa wood
Problem 5 - Humoristic
Paperwork Check

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the problems synopses (link above) beforehand in order to  select the judging area that appeals to you the most. Remember the conflicts of interest: you are not allowed to judge the problem of the team you represent. You are not allowed to judge a problem if you have a child or relative competing in that problem. While you may specify a preference of judging area during registration, the final assignment takes place at Judges training.

Once you are assigned to a problem, groups break out for the more specific training pertaining to each problem. Specific judge positions are assigned by the Problem Captain during or after judges training.

Please remember: There is only ONE judges' training session. After judges are trained, they cannot be replaced.