HARO Team Qualification

Team Qualification Rules for Houston Area Region tournament
Updated Sep 2017

To be qualified for the Region Tournament both competitive teams and primary teams must meet all posted requirements and must complete the following general steps:
1. Purchase/Renew your annual membership online at the National website. Deadline is December 1, 2017.
2. Register Online. Complete online TEAM registration and receive a confirmation email from "webguy". Deadline is December 15, 2017.
3. One Judge per Team. Provide a person to judge. This person must commit to THREE days, even if the team they represent does not advance:
a. Judges training (half day), February 10, 2018.
b. The Region tournament (full day), February 24, 2018 and
c. The State tournament (full day), April 14, 2018

When choosing a judge bear in mind; Pick a judge that you would be happy to have judge your team, judges may not judge in the problem of the team they represent, judges may not change their problem after they have been trained, judges will NOT get time off to watch other performances, judges will be expected to judge at State whether their team advances or not (including Primary teams).

Additional judges are welcome. All judges -new and experienced- must attend judge training each year. Coaches may not attend training. Judges must register online and receive a confirmation email.

All Training & Tournament dates and deadlines are published in the annual calendar, in the left navigation bar.

4. One 2-Hr Volunteer per Team: Each team must provide at least one untrained person to volunteer for 2-3 hours for the Region tournament. Jobs can be pre-selected or assignments will be given the week before the tournament. Each untrained volunteer must check in at the volunteer check-in desk at the Region tournament for their team to be qualified to compete.

5. One Tournament Staff (TS): For memberships with four or more teams, including primary teams the following applies. For every four teams, provide a Tournament Staff (TS) person who will commit to: (1) attend a one-hour TS orientation meeting in January/February, (2) help run the region tournament for a minimum of 6 hours.

1-3 teams       0 Tournament Staff Required
4-7 teams       1 Tournament Staff Required
8-11 teams      2 Tournament Staff Required
12-15 teams    3 Tournament Staff Required
16-19 teams    4 Tournament Staff Required

6. Payment: Region tournament payment must be received by January 15, 2018. Full payment information here.

7. All Team Rule for Multiple Memberships: Each MEMBERSHIP is required to fill every competitive problem per eligible division before purchasing a second membership from CCI. This is known as the “Full Membership Rule”. Before purchasing additional memberships, the region directors must be contacted. Primary teams do not count toward the five required competitive teams. A third membership may be purchased once the first two memberships are full. A fourth membership may be purchased once the first three memberships are full. A fifth membership cannot be purchased by any given school.

Schools with grades that cover more than one division will be required to meet the “Full Membership Rule” for each division that will be using the second membership.

Schools fielding two or more teams in a problem may consider holding a school tournament to determine what teams will represent the school in their chosen problem at Region.