*** Shown on our home page is Scott Sharp winner of two gold medals in the 2015 Canadian Footbike Championships.  Scott competed in the Men's (30 - 34) 400m final and posted a new Canadian record of 49.52.  He was also a member of the 4 x 400m Mixed relay that won gold as well. *** 


2.  There are 3 main types of track relays:

i)  ” Age Specific” – made up of 4 competitors all of whom must be from the age category specified by that event. You may include competitors from an older age category to complete the 4 relay competitors BUT not include competitors from a younger age category.  Relay competitors must also be of the same sex for ‘age specific”

ii)  Open Relays – made up of 4 competitors from any age category.  Relay members must also be of the same sex.

iii)  Mixed Open Relays – made up of 2 female and 2 male competitors from any age category.  The running order will be that the lead-off (first) kicker will be female, 2nd kicker will be male, 3rd kicker will be female and the anchor (last ) kicker will be male.

3.  The first kicker on each relay must remain in their lanes until the exchange zone.

4.  The exchange zone is a 20m strip.  10m of which is found prior to the 400m finish line and the last 10m is found after the 400m finish line.

5.  All exchanges must be made in this 20 m exchange zone.  Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

6.  Once in the exchange zone the two competitors making the exchange have two lanes to work in – their assigned lane and the lane above their assigned lane. If their footbike or any of the relay members making the exchange enters the lane below their assigned lane their relay may be disqualified.

7.  Competitors coming into the exchange zone,(incoming kicker) must exit /dismount their footbike on their right hand side.  During the exchange competitors receiving the exchange, (outgoing kicker) must mount or hop onto their footbike from the left hand side.

8.  Once the outgoing kicker has traveled beyond the final exchange zone marker, usually marked with a pylon, he /she may cut into the inside lane if it is safe to do so and they are in no way interfering with another relay team.

9.  All relay members must remain on the infield and off the track before and after the completion of their relay leg.

10a)  As with all Footbike/track competitions , those competing must be wearing a CSA approved bike helmet.

b) Spikes are strictly prohibited.  This includes spiked shoes and spiked footbike tires.

c)  All footbikes entered into competition must have pneumatic tires and 2 working brakes.

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