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1.  Participation is entirely at an individual’s own risk. We try to make our events as safe as possible, however no liability is accepted as a result of a competitor's participation.

2.  Competitors will not be allowed to compete unless they have signed the waiver form and forego their rights to claim against the organizers or organizer's assistants.

3.  The rules are in place for the protection of all competitors .  Competitors and their supporters must obey all rules and be respectful of the efforts of all other competitors.

4.  Competitors shall ride two wheeled scooters that are propelled by kicking back.  In kicking one foot pushes straight backwards on the ground while the other foot rests on the scooter footboard/ kickplate.  Skating-like or similar kicking motions are not allowed. Scooters with step like propulsion or tread-mill like propulsion will not be permitted.

5. Scooter construction is free, have only 2 wheels but may not have a motor, mechanical gear or sail, nor may it have sharp or protruding parts which may cause a danger to other competitors.

6.  All scooters used in competition must have pneumatic (air), tires and two effective brakes in order to compete.  Scooters with skateboard style wheels will not be allowed entry into competition. All scooters will have both of their breaks tested prior to competition at the site and day of the competition.

7.  A Canadian CSA standard approved bike style helmet must be worn at all times with a chin strap fastened while riding.  This includes warm-up sessions as well.  Knee and elbow pads are recommended but are optional.

8.  At the start of each race both competitor and scooter must stay completely behind the start line.  This includes the front most part of the wheel.  A false start of a race will be charged to all competitors in that race or heat.  A second false start will be charged to the individual who has false started and will result in his or her disqualification.

9.  The front most part of the scooter wheel crossing the finish line determines time and finishing order.

10.  Whenever possible electronic timing will be used for competition.  All Canadian records will be established using electronic timing.  Hand held timing may be used as a back-up when ever electronic timing is not available.


1.  A competitor’s age will be his or her age on race day.

2.  Competitors are responsible during the day of the event, for following organizer’s and marshal’s instructions, knowing race rules, the race course and the competition schedule.

3.  For longer road races competitors may change a malfunctioning scooter during a race, but must complete the road course on a scooter as defined in these rules.  A running start of no more than 20m is permitted for longer distances, but running starts are NOT permitted  for sprint races.

4.  A competitor must not block or interfere with another competitor at any time.  Such interference will result in disqualification.

5.  During track sprint events all competitors and scooters must remain within the lines that mark their lanes.  If any part of the scooter touches or crosses a lane line the result will be disqualification.  This includes any part of a competitor touching a lane line or lane outside of their own.

6.  Any action deemed as unsportsmanlike conduct will result in penalties and or disqualification, even if that act is not covered by these rules.  A panel of 3 judges selected on the morning of the race will rule in these instances and their ruling will be final.

7.  Supporters, friends  and  relatives may not assist their competing kicker or in anyway interfere with the race itself or any other competitor.  Such actions will risk penalty or disqualification of their competitor(s).

8.  For longer road races any violation of the Canadian Footbike Ass. Rules or any common road rules as covered by the Highway Traffic Act for that region may result in disqualification.

9.  Competitors may only race in their gender and age categories for any given competition. However "Open" age races may be available at various competitions and as such will be open to all competitors regardless of age.  There will be two "Open" categories - one for male competitors and one for women competitiors. Competitors may also enter their own age and gender races as well as open age competitions during race days.

10.  The use of spiked shoes is strictly prohibited.  This means that no metal, plastic or rubber spikes my be be worn by any competitor at any time during the race or warm-up.  No spikes will be permitted on  footbike/scooter tires as well.

C.            JUDGES

1.  A panel of 3 race judges will be selected at the start of each day to make decisions that directly affect possible rule violations.  The judges may also rule on necessary changes to an event course or schedule.

2.  Protests are to be lodged with the event director within 10 minutes of the last competitor crossing the finish line for a given event.  The judges decision will be final.

3.  Judges have the right to rule on unforeseen infractions not covered in these rules.

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