Gotta Dance At The Jersey Shore

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Seashore Gardens

Gene Hildner & his wife, Helen, held Wednesday night lessons/dance socials 
Seashore Gardens in Atlantic City for several years.  After Helen's death 
1998, I helped Gene out by demonstrating the lady's part.

About 2 years ago, Seashore Gardens built a new facility & moved off-shore 
Galloway.  The Wednesday night dancing ended due to a lack of suitable 
dancing space.

Gene moved his dances to Somers Point and they continued to grow.

Back in March, Gene received a call from Seashore Gardens wanting him to 
bring back the dancing!  They had made arrangements to clear out an area 
suitable for dancing.  Gene, however, had too many commitments to start 
another night of lessons & he told them to call me....

So..Seashore Gardens is once again hosting ballroom dancing:

Mondays &
Thursdays     7:30PM  (doors open at 7:00)
              It is being held in what they call "The Boardwalk".  
              You can dance on the "boardwalk", look out over the "ocean", 
              sip some of the juices provided and dance.

February:        Mondays: Cha Cha              
                          ON TIME NIGHT:  February 27
                 Thursdays: Bolero
                Call Lynda for more info:  645-3269

                LADIES....WE NEED YOU!  Believe it or not...we typically 
                more MEN!

                For directions to Seashore Gardens check out the 


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