Golden Retriever Puppies

Golden Retriever Puppies

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Buyers Agreement



Below you will find our contract.
1)If you agree with the terms of our contract and would like to get
on our waiting list please fill in the information below and hit
submit. This is your electronic signature. You will receive a copy
in your puppy folder.
2) Make your check payable to the litter owner.

3)Mail your deposit with in two days of submission of this contract.

4) Your name will be added to our puppy waiting list as "pending"
until we recieve your deposit.

  • 1) We solely breed our pets to provide a good quality Golden Retriever.
    We only sell our pups to families that will provide them loving
    homes for the life of their pet. Our pups are pets and will need to
    live live in your home upon arrival. Please have your pet spayed or
    neutered according to the new standards. Males and females should
    not be spayed or neutered until 15 months of age. The parties enter
    into this contract for the purchase and sale of one (1) purebred AKC
    Golden Retriever. The breeder guarantees the described Retriever is
    a purebred dog, registration application will be provided with the
    American Kennel Club. The contract terms set forth are prepared for
    the benefit of each individual dog, breeder, and buyer – to prevent
    the exploitation of the Golden Retriever breed through unselective
    breeding programs and practices. The parties enter into this
    agreement to preserve their mutual concern and respect for the
    Golden Retriever breed.

    X LIMITED REGISTRATION. The parties acknowledge breeder’s intent to
    reserve breeding/stud rights on this Golden Retriever. This dog is
    not to be utilized under the Limited Registration for any breeding
    purposes, and if any litter is ever produced by this dog the LITTER
    would not be eligible for AKC Registration. The dog is eligible to
    compete in all AKC-licensed events.
    The purchase price for a male or female puppy and 8 weeks of
    training and care is $2000.00. Your deposit of 500.00 will hold your
    name on a litter list for your sex preference and will come off the
    total price of the puppy you are purchasing. Your deposit is non
    refundable. If your litter does not have your sex preference your
    deposit will be retained for our next litter list. If you choose to
    purchase another puppy from a different breeder your deposit will be
    retained and you can contact us when you are ready for a pup. Your
    deposit is non-refundable so please make sure you are ready for a
    muddy puppy. Your pup will need to be paid for in full by his or her
    5th week birthday, you will receive an email reminder. Do you agree?

  • 2) Puppies that need to fly to new homes will fly with the new owner
    or one of our team members. All puppies will ride as carry-ons with
    an adult or new owner. Our total fee to fly your pup to you to your
    major airport is 635.00. This includes scheduling flights, round
    trip airline ticket for transporter (400.00), puppy carry-on fee
    (125.00) 3 hour round trip drive time(50.00), 24 hour parking fee
    (25.00), health certification for transfer out of state (35.00) You
    could also book your own flight, fly here and we will meet you at the
    the Minneapolis airport free of charge or you can drive out to meet
    the family. I do have a few carry on kennels that I borrow out to our
    our customers. If you borrow a kennel it must be mailed back to us
    with in 5 business days. ***Flight fee needs to be paid for when you
    are placing your deposit so we can book a flight for your pup to fly
    home to you. If the litter is not born yet the flight fee needs to
    be paid the day your litter is born to assure we can book a flight
    in a timely manner. Puppies fly home at 8 weeks of age so they will
    fit as a carry on. You will be emailed different itineraries before
    we book the flight for your approval. We will only fly out with 3
    puppies per litter so our schedules are not overwhelming. Before
    placing your deposit for a pup we will discuss your options. Puppies
    purchased outside USA will need to purchase their own carry - on bag
    and flight. We do not transport outside the USA.

  • 3) We work with families for our choosing process, this is not a 1st
    come 1st pick process. We test our puppies and do know their p
    personalities for home preferences. We will ask you for your top 3
    picks when the pups are 6 weeks old and try to choose one of your
    top 3 picks. We always try to place hunting pups with hunting
    families, pups that are the calmest nature with families that have 8
    year and under children. If we have a call for a service dog, we
    will chose a very willing and focused dog for that buyer. We always
    take your preferences into consideration when placement time comes.
    The buyer also agrees that the seller will select the pup out of
    this litter for you according to the primary purpose stated in your
    application and emails. We will talk about what your looking for as
    far as personality, willingness and job performance you are looking
    for in your next golden. Do you agree to our process?

  • 4) HEALTH OBLIGATIONS with 26 month guarantee; The Seller guarantees
    that the purchased dog is the offspring of a dam and sire that are
    free of Hip & elbow genetic origin as determined by the Orthopedic
    Foundation for Animals (OFA). In the event up to 26 months of age
    this Retriever receives from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals a
    report of moderate or severe hip or elbow dysplasia, the Seller is
    to be notified immediately. The Seller agrees to take the dog back,
    with registration papers, or the buyer can keep the dog under the
    following conditions: ( You do not have to give your dog up to get a
    replacement dog)
    1.) Provided the dog has not been used for breeding, either
    intentionally or unintentionally.
    2.) Provided the dog has received proper exercise and diet, and has
    been properly maintained for his size and weight.
    3) Provided the dogs X-rays are done on or after his or her 24 month
    birthday as required by the OFA standards The OFA report is the only
    form that will be accepted for this 26 month guarantee to apply .
    Female dogs scanned 8 to 12 weeks after a heat cycle is recommended
    by OFA. X-rays must be done by veterinarians that have a common
    practice of scanning joints for OFAs. Non uniform ( x-rays that are
    not aliened straight as required by OFA) will have to be retaken and
    is the responsibility of the buyer.
    4)All health records must be forwarded to the seller along with any
    x-rays. Weight of your pet at his or her vet visits. (over weight
    dogs have problems, if your dog is obese this contract is void with
    no guarantee due to a lack of exercise and over feeding).
    Upon receipt and review of the records, if deemed necessary, the X-
    rays will be repeated and resubmitted to OFA if the alignment is not
    correct or female heat cycle was within the 8 to 12 week OFA
    recommended time period., If the OFA opinion is reversed to a Fair
    to good or Excellent, all is good!
    If the OFA report on the second set of X-rays is of moderate or
    severe dysplasia, the
    seller will if deemed by the buyer, take the dog back and offer a
    replacement dog, when available. Replacement pup has to be taken
    with in a two year period from the date you send in your OFA
    results. The breeder has two year time period to choose the buyer a
    pup for replacement. In the event the Buyer wishes to keep the dog,
    it must be neutered/spayed to prevent any breeding, at Buyers
    expense, and all future medical and expenses that may occur are the
    sole responsibility of the Buyer. In the event this Retriever is
    diagnosed with a blinding Progressive Retinal Atrophy, the Seller
    agrees to take the dog back under the same conditions and procedures
    (CERF report) as stated above. In the event this retriever has a
    genetic heart diagnosis, he or she must be checked by a board
    certified cardiologist for any guarantee to apply. Seller agrees to
    the same conditions and procedures as stated above. 5) 3. Provided
    that the dog has been eating the sellers choice of dog food from This said dog will be feed Life Abundance dog
    food for any guarantee to apply. You will receive a 26 month wa
    warrantee on hips, elbows, heart and eye blinding, if you
    continue feeding Life Abundance food for this important growth
    period of 26 months. We feed Life Abundance, all natural dog food for
    for puppies and adults for the reasons stated below.*As we all know,
    for proper growth, the correct nutrition is needed, breeding has its
    risks but what you feed is just as important as the dogs are being
    bred. If your pup lacks in nutrition or is fed an over abundance of
    calcium or phosphorus or protein his joints will not grow correctly
    regardless of his genetic make up. This is the very reason we
    require our buyer to feed a food that has a safe growth
    pattern. We know they will grow correctly on this food. Safety is
    our other concern, the dog food companies have killed a ton of
    family pets, made them deathly ill and caused family’s a lot of
    heartache. This company has never had a recall, it is safe with a
    long track record. For the health and longevity of our
    pets we feel safe about what we put in their dish everyday. If you
    choose another food you are agreeing to void this 26 month contract
    guarantee. We hope that you will consider this food for the life
    time of your golden, almost all commercial pet foods contain the
    cancer causing agents like BHA and BHT. To extend the shelf life of
    commercial pet foods, suppliers must add a preservatives like BHA
    and BHT. These chemicals are still be found in almost all commercial
    dog foods. If you feed a commercial dog food your dog will more then
    likely get cancer from eating it everyday. Lifes Abundance is free
    of any cancer causing agents. Commercial treats have the same cancer
    cancer causing agents, for treats stay safe and give them bananas,
    apple apple slices, scoop of peanut butter, carrots, green beans,
    peas and tomatoes! They will live longer lives. Most dog food
    company's don't have your best interest in mind, they only have
    profit in mind. They use cheap inconsistent ingredients that make
    your pets sick. Life’s Abundance has a convenient auto ship program
    to assure you that you wont run out and your food is made fresh
    every 4 to 6 weeks. Its delivered to your door by UPS in only a few
    days so it doesn't sit on a hot truck or warehouse spoiling!! NO
    harmful preservatives in there food only natural. Our family dogs
    are living 13 to 14 years because we watch what we feed them and
    don’t use chemicals, minimize shots and never line breed. The
    national average death age for a golden is dropped to 11.5 years.
    Cancer deaths in golden’s has jumped almost every year, I am doing
    my own study keeping my dogs on only safe foods, minimizing our
    shots, only using natural flee and tick treatments, and never line
    breeding. Its working and I hope you will help us with our quest in
    keeping golden’s healthy and strong for years to come. Do you agree
    to the terms above?

  • 5) BUYER’S OBLIGATION: The buyer agrees to provide the following:
    1)Proper exercise, diet, shelter, regular veterinary care, Regular
    veterinary care including checkups, regular worming, illnesses and
    injury treatments, age appropriate vaccinations as recommended by a
    qualified veterinarian.
    2)Appropriate lifetime training and socialization of the dog, which
    significantly contributes to the ultimate temperament and
    reliability of the dog.
    3)Buyer agrees not to overwork or strain the pup through his huge
    growth stage between 4 months to 1 year of age which consists of:
    Jumping up and down off of tail gates, running up and down stairs,
    limit jogging miles because joints are soft and growing at a fast
    4) The buyer also agrees to the seller that if for any reason the
    above dog needs a new home placement, this dog will be offered to
    the seller before any other persons.
    5) Have the dog examined by a qualified veterinarian within 7 days
    of purchase
    6) Submit applicable registration materials with AKC within 30 days
    of receipt from Seller.

    Warranties apply: The dog is in good health and sound body at the
    time that the dog is transferred to buyer. To the best of sellers
    knowledge, the dog is free from any contagious or harmful diseases
    and has been vet checked with in 10 days before the buyer takes him
    or her home. Veterinary records will be provided at time of
    The dog has received all vaccinations or other treatment as
    appropriate to the age of the dog at the time of transfer of
    ownership. This dog is warranted only for the purpose of being a
    companion animal. While it may be capable of performing other
    functions, no warranty is given as to its fitness for any special
    purpose. The sellers have used their best judgment and the advice in
    evaluating this dog. Transportation costs are not covered and are
    solely the responsibility of the buyers. In the event the Buyer is
    unable to keep this Retriever for any reason, the Buyer agrees to
    immediately contact the Seller. The Buyer agrees that the Seller has
    the first option to either take the dog back or help with the
    placement of the retriever. In the event the dog is returned to the
    Seller, the Buyer will provide to the Seller all applicable transfer
    of ownership papers and current copies of veterinary records; OR
    assist the buyer in finding a suitable home for the dog. Under no
    circumstances is this Retriever to be surrendered to an animal
    shelter, dealer in dogs for sale or auction, or given or sold to an
    animal research facility or laboratory.

    This Agreement is inclusive by signing of this Purchase and Sales
    Agreement The Buyer understands that all expenses associated with
    caring for, raising, training and socialization of this dog is the
    sole responsibility of the Buyer and accepts the risks and
    responsibilities of owning this dog. By hitting submit button below
    you are electronically signing your signature.
    By signing this agreement you agree to all the terms of owning a
    golden retriever pup. All terms in this contract must be followed to
    insure your 26 month guarantee. It is our intent as always to
    provide you with the best we can offer through our breeding program.
    Do you agree?

  • 6) This agreement, is made on ___/____/2017. This agreement, is between
    the litter owner.(Seller), Please enter date

  • 7) and (Buyer Name) ___________________________ First & last name
  • 8) Address
  • 9) City__________ and State___________and Zip code
  • 10) Cell Phone_____________, Home Phone__________________
  • 11) The Buyer agrees to purchase Golden Retriever Male or Female pup?
    Please check the box.


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