Golden Retriever Puppies

Golden Retriever Puppies

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Fill Our our Application



Hi, We are happy that your
interested in our
puppies. If you would
like to put your name on our
waiting list we
would like you to
answer just a few questions so
we can place our
pups in the right
homes. This should only take a
few minutes.
Your name can be put on a
waiting list at any

If you have questions you can
email me at
Or call 320-980-4286

  • 1) How will this pup be housed?

  • 2) Do you have other pets?

  • 3) Have you ever owned a Golden Retriever?

  • 4) What are your Childrens ages?

  • 5) What is the primary purpose of this puppy?

  • 6) Will you accept a pup of either sex:

  • 7) Sex Preferred:

  • 8) Color Preference:

  • 9) Will this pup be neutered or spayed:

  • 10) Full Address:
  • 11) Phone: Home and cell phone #. If your pup needs to fly home we will
    need a cell # for the flight home.

  • 12) Please tell me a little about what your looking for in your new pup?
    Sometimes people are very sure about what they are looking for in
    personality and different social skills.
    This really helps us when we are watching the litter for you.

  • 13) Will you pick your pup up at our home? Yes or No
  • 14) Are you willing to provide references (Veterinarian, etc.)

  • 15) If this pup needs to fly home to you? What airport would you like
    your pup to fly into? Please list city and state with a major
    airport. Our pups will fly with someone as a carry on. We do not fly
    our pups out on cargo. We can either find you a flight to deliver
    your pup for you or you can fly or drive here to pick up your pup.

  • 16) Are you looking for a dog for breeding? Yes ---No
  • 17) Have you participated in an AKC sanctioned event? Yes or NO
    If so please describe:

  • 18) We all know how nice a properly trained dog is. Will you bring your
    pup to Obedience classes?

  • 19) Your email address:
  • 20) Where did you find our ad?
  • 21) Are you looking for your 1st family dog?
  • 22) After I receive your application, I will call you to answer any
    questions you may have. Please let me know when you would like me to
    call you. Day & Time?

  • 23) When would you like a pup?

  • 24) Do you have a fenced yard? Or how will you assure his or her safety
    when outdoors?

  • 25) What type of Dog food do you currently feed?
  • 26) What you feed is very important to us as your breeder. The health of
    your pup is our main concern. In order for us to guarantee the health of your pup we require that you meet nutritional requirements of a growing pup. Are you willing to feed our recommendation through the growth stages?

  • 27) Please let me know what type of temperment you are looking for and a
    little bit about your family needs.


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