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Celebrating 23 years of CHS Soccer
Taking a look back at the 23-year history of the Corbin soccer program

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The Corbin High School soccer program is celebrating its 23-year anniversary 
in 2015. The soccer Hounds played a JV-only scheduled in their inaugural 
season during the fall of 1992, and they were co-ed until splitting into 
separate boys and girls teams in the mid-nineties. Several district and region 
titles later, Head Coach Armando Cima recalls what it was like when things 
were just getting started over two decades ago.
The story begins with the 1992-93 school year. Coach Cima, who still coaches 
the CHS boys soccer team today, agreed to lead the first-ever Redhounds soccer 
squad at the request of several parents of local players.  “I really didn’t 
start the program,” he said. “It was the parents that started it. It was kind 
of born out of our local youth league, which has always been named Tri-County 
Youth League.”
Cima, who played soccer at St. Camillus High School in Corbin and Brescia 
University in Owensboro, said that he returned home after graduating college 
and was invited to help coach a youth league team. “One of the parents who was 
coaching a team that had two of my nephews on it asked me if I would help 
him,” he explained. “I said yes, and enjoyed it. Immediately after that first 
season coaching youth soccer in Corbin, some of the parents came to me and 
said that they were going to try to get soccer added in the school system. 
They asked me if I would be interested in coaching if they could get it.”
Cima said that at this point in time he really had no set plans for where he 
would go or what he would do next with his life, so he agreed to help in the 
efforts to get a school team started as long as he was around.
“They went to the board, and the board was a little concerned because they 
didn’t know if the athletic budget would be able to support another varsity 
program,” said Cima. “That is when the soccer boosters was formed. They told 
the board that if they would hire and pay a coach, they would take care of 
everything else. The varsity club bought us our first set of uniforms that 
year, and we were on from there.”
Former Lady Hounds soccer Head Coach Erik Steely was a freshman on the 1992 
school Corbin soccer team. He said of those early days, “It was unique. At 
that time, the youth league was really the only opportunity that anybody had 
to play. It wasn’t available in high school.”
Steely said that being a member of the Corbin soccer team in its inaugural 
season meant overcoming some challenges, but in the end he said that the 
experience was a great one for both him, and his friends on the team. “A lot 
of the other players in my class are still my closest friends,” he explained. 
“It was a significant bonding experience for all of us. You go through a lot 
of things when you’re starting a new program, but it was great to see how we 
progressed by the time we were seniors. By then we had become a very 
competitive team.”
“I’m immensely proud to have played for Coach Cima,” Steely continued. “He is 
one of my best friends, and he’s had a huge impact on my life. To be with him 
when it all started is something that I am very proud of.”
Steely, along with teammates Mike Cima, Daniel Valentine, Pete Lester, Robby 
Chadwell, Ryan Taylor, Steven Bradley, David Beckung, Charles Bryant, Joshua 
Zik, Jeff Vickerstaff, Brad Davenport, Mike Brown, Brian Gover, Ben Larrabee, 
Chris Rong, Eric Clark, Eric Street, Brian Briscoe, Michael Elliott, John 
Balenovich, Todd Cox, Ian Hart, Greg Lewis, Jerrod Pace, Andy Potter, Anthony 
Privett and Michael Robinette made up the 1992 soccer Hounds. Since that time, 
so many players have followed in their footsteps, each helping in their own 
way to make Corbin soccer the widely known and respected program that it is 
When asked about what changes he has seen take place over the past 23 years, 
Coach Cima said, “The attitude towards the sport has really changed in Corbin, 
just like a lot of other places. In the beginning it was new, and people are 
kind of wary of anything that’s new. It was a little bit difficult at first. 
We didn’t have a field to play on except for the high school football field, 
and that really wasn’t something that a lot of people wanted to happen. You 
have to give credit to the school board and the parents, though. They were 
very open minded about the idea that all kids need an opportunity to be 
involved in something.”
Cima also said that it has been “exciting and refreshing” to see other area 
schools, such as Whitley County and Knox Central, add soccer to their list of 
offered sports in recent years. And he is happy about the fact that soccer 
games can be more commonly found on television these days, as opposed to when 
he was in high school and was lucky to see maybe one or two games in a week’s 
As for what the future holds from this point forward, Cima is hoping to see 
the sport of soccer continue to grow in Corbin and surrounding areas. “My 
vision was always the make sure we had good numbers every year, and to make 
sure the youth league stays viable,” he said. “Now I would like to see kids 
playing more months out of the year. For soccer to get to the level here like 
it is in other parts of the state, we have to develop better offseason 
programs for the high school teams, and we have to not be so school-centric in 
our thinking.”
“The only way for players to get better is for them to be playing in the 
offseason. When we see more of that happening on a regular basis, then I think 
that will be good for the future of the sport in our area.”
Be sure to come out and support the Redhounds and Lady Hounds as the Corbin 
soccer program celebrates its 23rd anniversary with the 2015 season. Home 
games are held at the beautiful soccer facility behind Corbin Primary School, 
and full schedules can be found at


The Corbin Soccer Program includes the boys and girls soccer teams at Corbin 
High School and Corbin Middle School. We also have an active booster club 
that is recently formed seperate divisions for each gender to better serve 
the needs of these individual programs.

We are very proud to say that this adjustment comes out of necessity due to 
the growth of our programs. During the 2006/07 season we had 26 girls and 40 
boys participating in varsity and junior varsity programs. We had similar 
numbers this past year with 75 students participating in varsity and junior 
varsity programs.

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