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RUSH Into English

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Russian to English for Children  
    The CD is in Russian and English; the handbook is in English only. The set
    also includes 'TLC Little Books,' illustrated, bilingual mini-readers
    to help children understand some of the changes they will experience.  
    These 'TLC Little Books' are meant for older children to read in Russian 
    (and to read with you in English) and for small children (non-readers) to 
    have the books read to them by your interpreter, orphanage workers, flight
    attendants, etc. so they know what to expect
    'On the Plane,' during 
    'The Long Trip Home,' when they get to 
    'My New Home,' with 
    'My Family,' and as they experience 

Seven (Update: Now includes 12!) mini-books (of 7 - 10 sentences each in 
English and Russian) comprise the 'TLC Little Books' set.  These little 
bilingual readers also help your child begin to transition to English and the 
English alphabet.  :-)  
    The language CD and 'TLC Little Books' can be used by children as young as
    three years old; the accompanying handbook is appropriate for children 4
    or 5 and older.  The handbook also has oodles of information and ideas for
    how parents and teachers can help children learn English more quickly. 

    Important Note to parents hosting children who *may* or *may not* be 
    adopted:  There are NO phrases in  RUSH Into English that refer 
    specifically to adoption. There are NO phrases that tell the child that 
    he/she will possibly be adopted.  There is a section called With My 
    Family, which of course has family vocabulary and has phrases such as 
    'This is my Dad,' and 'She is my sister.' Most phrases in the language
    set focus on helping a child meet his/her needs and to make friends in the
    English speaking environment he/she is in.  Please see more details 
    below.  If you need further info, please email me and I'll be happy to 
    answer your questions.  Thanks.  :-)   Teresa

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The "Russian Bundle" (Adopting From Russia; RUSH Into English; Snowflakes, a
Flurry of Adoption Stories) saves you money and gives you lots of valuable
information. A "must" if you are adopting an older child! $100 for both
language sets and a copy of our beautiful new book filled with adoption
stories from the perspective of children and teens. Parent insights are also
included. :-)  $100 even includes shipping via Media Mail within the US.

Here's what Sally wrote:
       We met a couple who were bringing home 2 children from Russia.  
       They were using the (RUSH Into English) CD on the plane with their
       kids.  They seemed to be very engrossed with their little headsets.  
       The kids were lovin´┐Ż it!   Now we are adopting 2 children from 
       Kazakhstan...I am counting on this (Adopting From Russia) to help 
       me learn phrases and to help them transition to English (with RUSH 
       Into English).  Thank you!  Sally

Read what Apryl wrote:
      Right before we left for Russia we ordered *RUSH Into English*.  Our 
      son (8 years old) asked our translator how he would learn English.  
      I put your *RUSH Into English* CD into the player, put the headphones 
      on him, and turned it should have seen how big his eyes got!
      He kept asking, 'Can she hear me?'  It was so much fun to hear him 
      repeat the phrases.  I wish I had video taped it.  After a week I put
      in a different CD, thinking that he might enjoy hearing some songs.  
      He was upset...came running to me saying 'Mama, no Teresa.'  He told 
      our Russian-speaking driver to please tell us that he wanted Teresa 
      back!  :)  So, thank you again!! I have recommended your CDs and 
      booklets to others.  Thank you!  Apryl

      We used your 'Adopting From Russia' program to prepare for our first
      trip to Russia and it was wonderful. What an awesome tool! We were so
      impressed, we want to order this program for our son (8 years old). We 
      return to Russia next month to pick him up. Thank you so much for this 
      blessing! Deb

      Thank you very much for your quick response.  I wanted to pass on a 
      conversation I just had with a woman who used your CDs and books on
      their adoption journey. She said they were invaluable to them on all of
      their trips to Russia as well as once the children were home. Thanks
      again.  Susan 

      Please note:  This is the second copy of your language sets we are
      ordering. This time for our Russian host, as he was so impressed with
      your language sets!  Karen

The  *RUSH Into English* language set includes vocabulary, phrases, and 
questions to help children transition smoothly from Russian to English.

It's just what you've been waiting for!  A 59-minute CD and 61-page handbook 
to help your child --

*right off the plane:
     I'm thirsty.  What's that?  My stomach hurts.  I have to go to the 

*with family:
     It's your turn.  You are nice.  Will you help me?  I love you!

*make friends:
     What's your name?  Let's play outside.  How old are you?  Do you like 
     music?  Do you want half?

*at school:
     I don't understand.  Are you busy?  Read it to me, please.  I can do it.

200 phrases and questions (plus tons of additional vocabulary) kids can use 
immediately to get settled in their new surroundings and to learn more 
English on their own.  (*How do you say ____?  What did you say?  Repeat it, 
please.  Slower, please.  One more time.  I'm learning English., etc.)

The CD and handbook are organized so that younger children can use the first 
several sections to begin with, while older children will want to listen and 
repeat the entire CD right away.

The handbook has valuable language information for parents. Several language 
activities are also included so you can help your child(ren) get started 
with pre-reading / reading and writing too.

I'm confident that you're going to like it!  Email, please, if you have any 
questions. 'TLC Little Books' are a great addition.  I wrote these so children

who read Cyrillic will have a set of bilingual 'mini-readers' to get them
started with the transition to the English alphabet.  :-)  

P.S.  If you order _RUSH Into English_ at the same time you order _Adopting 
      From Russia, a Language and Parenting Guide_  you save $11.  Order both
      together($90 total) and I pay Priority U.S.Mail shipping.  
      Thanks, Teresa

More phrases that are included:  Show me, please.  May I borrow it?  Where is 
my Mom?  I need another blanket.  Come back soon.  May I have another?  I'm 
afraid.  I want to go home now.  May I sit here?   Will you play a game with 
me?  Do you have brothers and sisters?  I want to choose.  I'll be right 
back.  I'm learning English.  What should I do now?

(12-year-old Katie  -- Ekatarina) and my son (14-year-old Paul Sergei), and I
invite your child, you, and other family members, agency workers, school
staff, etc. to read the intriguing stories from many adoption adventures! They
are fascinating "snippets" of the experiences of many, including many stories
by children and young adults ages 8 - 21.  They will be of interest and help
to families who are adopting and those who have already adopted. Please click
on  *Snowflakes, a Flurry of Adoption Stories by, for and about Children and
Teens* (above)to learn more about this exciting one-of-a-kind resource. It can
be ordered directly from me (Teresa.  Please click on 'order form' above or
email me for directions. Some adoption groups are making it required reading;
others are reading it as ongoing adoption education. For group discounts
(ordering in bulk), please contact Teresa at  or at   Thanks very much!

(First Month Point-and-Read Dictionary, beginning bilingual readers that
introduce important vocabulary and address basic language/grammar concepts,
English alphabet and cursive writing exercises, materials that can be used in
the first weeks at school, etc.).  I developed these materials for use in my
ESL classroom; I used them last fall with my Russian-speaking ESL students.
This summer they will be available for sale. If you need ESL materials,now,
email me at   and I'll let you know what I have finished and
what ESL materials I have available.  :-)   All my language publications are
'works in progress,' and as I improve them, I add to them. My goal is to help
you and your child(ren) transition more smoothly in your first weeks together.
   :-)   Thanks.  Teresa

    ****To order NOW via, please click on 'Links' above.****
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Important Note: 
     -- Be sure to read about 'Snowflakes, a Flurry of Adoption Stories
        by, for and about children and teens.'  Precious keepsake book with
        blank pages where you and your child can write your adoption story
     -- Matryoshka Family Portraits:
      You MUST see the Matryoshka Family Portrait that my daughter painted for
      me for Christmas!  (Click on 'Photos/Docs' above and look at 'Teresa's
      Family' and then 'Matryoshka Portrait.'  Please also see 'Another Happy 
      Family' and 'Another Happy Family's Matryoshka Portrait.')  My daughter
      (19 years old) is quite the artist, isn't she?  If you want one of these
      masterpieces of your family, please contact me via email me and we'll
      get you on my daughter's waiting list!  Teresa  
      Mora (my daughter) is painting  these little treasures as fast as
      she can.  Email to find out the approximate date when she will be able
      to have your family's portrait for you.
      Please contact us at  Teresa & Mora
      5-piece sets, 7-piece sets, 10-piece sets.  Let your imagination run
      wild:  include an extended family member, a beloved pet, or a typical
      Russian matryoshka doll as the tiniest member of your Matryoshka Family
      Portrait!  Your children will treasure these links with their culture
      for the rest of their lives.  :-)  Discounts available if you order 2 or
      more sets for your family.  Very reasonably priced.  A keepsake for a

MY BAG is Helping Kids!  (My fabric gift bag, that is.)  Teresa is making
fabric gift bags in order to donate more to causes that benefit children and
to encourage children and parents to wrap gifts in re-usable, re-cycle-able,
fabric gift bags. Email me for more info. Teresa

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